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The World's Best Bad Golf Tournament: A Documentary About Bad Golf
“This documentary on Bad Golf would give Leonard Pinth-Garnell a myoclonic seizure. I loved every bit of the nonsense!” -- Gary McCord
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John Barmon, actor who played Spalding Smails
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Where are you from?
Chicago, IL

Do you prefer boxers or briefs?
I prefer boxer-briefs.  They provide me with the comfort that I am used to and the support that I need.

What do you do for a living?
I am a System’s Administrator in the Information Technology department.

How long have you been playing golf?
7 glorious years

 If you could pick a dream foursome, who would be in it?
Tiger Woods, Flat Stanley (6th grade Australian exchange student whom I know), Marilyn Manson, and Brett Favre

Who are your personal heroes?
My entire family really. Without their support emotionally and financially I would never have been able to enjoy my dream of golf.

What’s your favorite food?
Texas Beef Brisket – smoked with a mixture of Hickory and Mesquite, for at least 12 hours and no hotter than 175 degrees.

Are congruent parts of congruent triangles congruent? 
It depends on if triangles called ABC and EFG are as follows - angle A is equal or similar to angle D and line AC is equal to line EG then angle C is equal or similar to angle F finally if angle B is equal or similar to angle E then I could say without any doubt that the congruent sides of congruent triangles are congruent.

Republicans or democrats?  Or Nader?

What professional golfer are you most like?  Why?
John Daley, I am his shape, and like the occasional drink here and there

What’s your favorite color?

What’s the strongest part of your golf game?
My lengthy vocabulary of expletive deleteds.

Blondes or brunettes?

What’s the weakest part of your golf game?
My clubs.  None of them seem to hold up when I smash them against the ground after a bad shot.  Then, my short game. Which for me is the first shot after teeing off, and the last shot before I begin putting.

What do you think is the biggest problem currently facing our world?
Lack of an intelligent national leader.

What will you do with the $250,000 if you win?
Invest is some new clubs and then some lessons, and finally a really nice golf cart with air conditioning.

Is Al Doermaet a.) brilliant b.) crazy c.) the dumbest f&%#@* guy you’ve ever seen d.) all of the above?  Why?
D)  All of the above.  Anyone who can create an empire as he has built must be brilliant!  Any one who would host a golf tournament with that big of a purse for us bad golfers must be crazy.  Finally anyone who would work with s*#t like he has, has got to be the dumbest f&%#@* guy I have ever known!

What’s your favorite movie (other than handicapped)?

Note: These answers, submitted in writing by Mr. Stark, have not been edited or altered in any way. Please excuse any typos or factual inconsistencies.

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