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The World's Best Bad Golf Tournament: A Documentary About Bad Golf
“This documentary on Bad Golf would give Leonard Pinth-Garnell a myoclonic seizure. I loved every bit of the nonsense!” -- Gary McCord
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John Barmon, actor who played Spalding Smails
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Where are you from?    
Originally my mother’s womb.  Later the southside of Chicago and currently Hickory Hills, a southwest suburb of Chicago.

Do you prefer boxers or briefs? 
Let me be brief – briefs.

What do you do for a living? 
Collect my social security check.  Retired after 41 years at Certified Grocers.

How long have you been playing golf?
48 years – still working on my game

If you could pick a dream foursome, who would be in it?
Bill Murray, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner and me – even if I didn't play well, it would be a lot of laughs.

Who are your personal heroes?    
My parents.

What’s your favorite food? 
Homemade apple pie - like my mom used to make.

Republicans or democrats?  Or Nader?    
Depends on the issues – mostly independent.

What professional golfer are you most like?  Why?
Gary Player – we’re both around the same age, height and weight, and exercise on a regular basis.

What’s your favorite color?    
Brown/Tan – nondescript blends in with the environment; also camouflages many mistakes.

What’s the strongest part of your golf game? 
My iron play.

Blondes or brunettes? 
Doesn’t matter.  Clairol does wonders.

What’s the weakest part of your golf game? 
Sand shots.

What do you think is the biggest problem currently facing our world?    
Global warming, pollution, - surely can tear up a good golf course.    

What will you do with the $250,000 if you win? 
Buy a small golf course so I can practice my game any time I want.

Is Al Doermaet    a) brilliant  b) crazy  c)  the dumbest f&%#/@ guy you’ve ever met or  d) all of the above?  Why?
None of the above.  A liar.  Watch the movie and you’ll see why.

What’s your favorite movie (other than handicapped)?    
Any movie that will keep my interest so I don’t fall asleep.


Note: These answers, submitted in writing by Mr. Keica, have not been edited or altered in any way. Please excuse any typos or factual inconsistencies.

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